June 22, 2008

Week 42

We at Abundant Harvest Organics hold this truth to be self evident that not all carrots (or most any other produce item) are created equal, but the best have been endowed by their creator with certain incomparable delights amongst which are crispy, carroty sweetness not found in their peers. How come you may ask? Partly, it’s the biological fertility we’ve talked about before. Partly, it’s the fact they were just picked by a farmer who knows what he’s doing. And partly, it’s the variety. These Nantes carrots aren’t machine harvestable and have to be handled by hand. Therefore, they’re twice as valuable as the other machine harvestable type most Americans are used to. Denesse tells us this will be the last of these carrots for a while & that gives us something to look forward to next fall. We’re giving you a little teaser on this first sweet corn this week. If Don and I calculated right, there will be about 3-4 for the small & 6-8 in the big, but we won’t know ‘til Friday morning at 5 AM. Next week with this heat, we’ll have plenty and probably start putting it up as an add-on as well.
Ginger says her heirloom tomatoes are week after next and then we’ll know summer’s here in all it’s splendor. Sweet corn, tomatoes and squash with peaches and plums. MY MY MY MY MY! Slap your granny that’s the best.
OK. If you’re wanting to put up some peaches, the best of the season come end of July, 1st of August. They’re called Zee Lady from myself or Paul and we’ll have a great deal on field run. They’re so sweet, you hardly need sugar. Carol slices ‘em up in Zip locks and pulls ‘em out whenever all winter. They’re great for canning as well. We’ll let you know when they’re getting close.
“Are you a cruncher, a leaner or an in-betweener?” That’s an ad campaign our stone fruit industry is running right now. The result of a surprising study we ran that showed about 1/3 of customers didn’t like juicy ripe fruit and wouldn’t buy it unless it was hard. Another 1/3 (which includes me and every other farmer I know) like to lean over so the juice doesn’t run down your shirt and the last 1/3 were somewhere in between. With this in mind, I’ve been trying to give you some fruit that’s ready today and others that would ripen over the week. This week, I’m going a little riper with some of the nectarines. See what you think.
Finally, knock on wood, we seem to be getting the logistics and the add-ons pretty squared away. Everything is at least double checked and signed off by two people. This is our third week of using the High School and Jr. High kids (mostly the children of our regular employees) to put this thing together for you. I’ll get a video together showing the happy crew and post it to the web. We hope to make a “what’s happening on the farm this week” a dynamic regularly updated video part of the web-site and your AH experience.
Well, no profound thoughts this week, but I hope this chat filled in a few gaps in the communication process.

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